Lightworkers and Healers

We are all lightworkers and healers somehow, and it might not look the same for anyone, nor is one more important than the other. As a collective, we each have a role on this Earth to support Humanity and bring Humanity to a happier, peaceful place.

Lightworkers enlighten, guide, and teach when needed. They aren’t necessarily well-known spiritual gurus—they can be musicians and artists, accountants, stay-at-home moms, and people you pass on the street. They share their gifts in many ways; by speaking out for those who have no voice, creating glorious works of art that uplift our planet, or perhaps writing music that elevates our spirits. They follow their intuition and answers the call they feel deep within. But many Lightworkers have forgotten their divine purpose.

Some may be beginning their spiritual journey; some have been on it all their lives, while others recently awakened. It doesn’t matter when or how; what matters is that it is within your divine timing.

All humans and creatures are here to move Humanity forward, whether they work in loving energy or not. We are all reminded of our actual state of evolution, and we can observe whether we like this world we are in or not.

You are all invited to feel the spark within that pushes us to review the system’s old ways of being to initiate the wheel of progress at your level. It’s a desire to change yourself or something that does not work anymore and does not benefit the greater good of all.

~ Bernice