Light the Flame Within

The following is a 5 min guided meditation

The hour has come upon us to reach out and shout to the heavens that all is well. Let fear be placed on the back burner and turn your attention to the light within your heart.

The flame that has been burning low for so long is now ready to blaze anew.

How do you do that, you may ask?

Sit silently with intention and prayer.

Close your eyes.

Sense or imagine in your mind a candle.

This candle can be any color you wish it to be.

Visualize lighting the candle

Imagine how beautiful the color or colors within the flame are.

See the flame as is, without any judgment.

How big is the flame? Is it still? Moving? Dancing in the wind?

Silently sit still for a few minutes gazing upon the flame of the candle.

Reach out your hands and place the flame in your heart space.

Imagine now that you are that candle.

Attune now to the flame within you.

Now let the divine flame within you merge with the Divine Presence all around you.

Is there a message, a word, a color, a symbol, a key that your heart wants to share with you?

Journal anything that comes to you.

And share it with us. We would love to know what you received.

~ Higher Self