Your Higher Self

 Higher Self as an extension of yourself that is part of you and part of the Source/God

Your Higher Self is you. It is the most elevated internal guidance system you have. It has a positive and warm tone. It talks to you 24/7, and it has access to every experience you went through in this life and other lifetimes and timelines. It will guide you on what to do next, what to read, where to go, etc., and your experience.

It is aware of your earthly experiences and connected to your multi-dimensional self in other realities/timelines.

Your Higher Self orients you to a path that will help you evolve faster and to be in alignment with the life mission you have chosen.

Your higher self will speak to you with vision, words, feelings, sensations, a desire to create, and always positive. If anger, anxiety, or uncomfortable emotions come up, you can pay closer attention and evaluate where you are at this moment in your life.

You need to pay attention to the loving and positive messages.
If we don’t listen to this message or disregard it because we may doubt ourselves, that’s when the ego steps.

The Ego is your personality, the many faces you show to others, and the many sides you hide from others. The Ego may be filled with fears, doubts, and issues that resurface from past issues.

The Ego wants to protect you from fear and trauma. It can be a bit territorial and take you away from those experiences to shield you.

Let’s look at an example:

You’re surfing the web and come across a workshop that caught your attention.

Ego – Hmm. It’s too much money. I just got back from a week-long vacation, and I need to save my money. Maybe next time.
HS- This is the second time I have come across this workshop. It looks terrific. It’s only for four hours, and I’m available that day.
Ego- Nah, I’ll take it another time.

Both conversations are taking place.

Even if you don’t sign up for the workshop, if your Higher Self guides you towards that path, another opportunity will come through, perhaps another lecture or someone speaks to you about a book they have read or you wake up in the middle of the night with an insight.

All ways the HS is speaking to you.